Our Approach



Our commitment to the world is to deliver safe, healthy and nourishing food, everywhere. Ill-considered handling of food in the whole chain of production is the reason we put forward innovative solutions regarding the processing and packing of food.


Fractioning the correct portion of micro and macro-nutrients is essential, approaching this issue, we’ve created the project “Pocket Basket”, which consists of a compact bundle of food, with the main ingredients for a healthy and nourishing diet, in the correct amount and with accessible pricing.


Nessa abordagem, criou-se o projeto “Pocket”, o qual consiste em uma cesta básica compacta, com os principais ingredientes para uma alimentação saudável e nutritiva, em uma porção na medida certa e de valor acessível.



We believe that education is the basis of a promising society, we’re committed to promote growth and development to all of those directly and indirectly impacted by our machines.


Aiming to have a broader impact on this, we’ve idealized the “Profills School”, which will offer courses and training to our collaborators, clients and partners and interested third parties through an e-learning platform and in-person classes on the food industry, commerce and conscious and sustainable consumption.


Buscando impactar ainda mais este aspecto, idealizamos a “Profills School”, que oferece cursos e treinamentos para colaboradores, clientes, parceiros e interessados. Nossa ideia é inserir palestras didáticas, cursos online e presenciais, com profissionais qualificados, sobre assuntos relevantes da indústria, do comércio e do consumo consciente.

Developing the Future


To face the environmental, social and economic challenges of our society we need to convince individuals to work together on these goals, reducing food waste, improving the health and well-being of individuals and promoting a more rich and balanced diet by fractioning products to meet the ideal portions based on their nutritional value.


We offer accessible solutions to big corporations and small producers alike, we want to positively impact the life of these entrepreneurs and the people link adding value to their products, extending the products shelf life, and reducing food waste. Empowering the network built around the company through education, strategic information, and business opportunities.


Queremos também introduzir nossas Máquinas de Envase em países subdesenvolvidos, onde o acesso à alimentação segura e nutritiva é limitado, com a intenção de melhorar a distribuição de alimentos, apoiar produtores locais e gerar empregos de qualidade.

About Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

In 2015, the United Nations launched the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which constitute a global call to end poverty, protect the environment and ensure that all people can have peace and prosperity.


Profils is committed to the SDGs and works to contribute to the 2030 Agenda in Brazil and worldwide.


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